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Modern Solutions to Modern Working

Modern Solutions to Modern Working

IT Asset

Repurposing end of use IT Assets ...

Realising Assets
that are End of Use

What is ITAD?

IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) is a menu of services that recycles, re-purposes or re-markets data centre equipment that end users no longer need and wish to retire.

ITAD services may include:

  • Data Erasure & Data Destruction

  • De-installs & Asset Removal

  • Logistics & Secure Transportation

  • Asset Processing & Detailed Reporting

  • Responsible Recycling

Realising business assets

  • Detailed SOW

  • Packing & Secure Transport to Processing Centre

  • Detailed Audit of Assets

  • Data Erasure & Data Destruction

  • e-Steward Recycling

  • Certificates of Destruction

ITAD Solution Features

​Adhering to stringent environmental, privacy and security regulations, Capital Tech offers our clients a comprehensive resell program that includes harvesting your IT assets that no longer meet corporate computing standards

What is
Asset Recovery?

Asset Recovery


Many times, when a customer is refreshing part or all of their IT infrastructure, the equipment that is being replaced still has some remaining value in the pre-owned marketplace.

Due to our fantastic relationships with key vendors, we can help our customers recover that remaining value by either buying it back from them or consigning it to be re-sold.

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